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Eating Disorder Treatment Team (EDT)

Eating disorders are complicated medical and psychological issues that affect a wide range of individuals. At the Ohio State University, the Office of Student Life is invested in supporting those students who may be struggling with eating disorder concerns in order to positively impact overall wellness and assist them in achieving their life goals.

The Office of Student Life's Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS), Student Health Services, and the Student Wellness Center collaborate together to form the Eating Disorder Treatment Team (EDT). This group is a multidisciplinary team consisting of mental health professionals, physicians, and nutritionists who collaborate to provide appropriate assessment, intervention, and support to students on Ohio State's campus who are struggling with eating disorder concerns.

The EDT team provides ethical and effective treatment practices for students with eating disorders. As a collaborative team, this means that he or she typically will have a comprehensive assessment with:

  • a therapist 
  • a dietitian/nutritionist
  • a physician 

Following this assessment, a student may be discussed in treatment team meetings in order to collaborate for care and identify the most appropriate treatment recommendations for that individual.

The EDT team understands that eating disorder treatment may be long term in nature and require a higher level of treatment than can be provided through Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS), Student Health Services, and the Student Wellness Center. We are dedicated to connecting students to community resources necessary for their care and that best fit their needs.

Students who remain in the care of the EDT team may receive services by the providers at Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS), Student Health Services, and the Student Wellness Center. The EDT Team will continue to assess a student's progress and recovery and make updated recommendations based on the student's progress and level of functioning.

To get started, It is recommended that you complete a phone screening at CCS (schedule by going online to register: ) to determine which therapy/treatment services are best for you. It is also recommended that you see a physician at Student Health Services (614-292-4321) to determine your medical needs. You may also be recommended to schedule a Nutrition Coaching appointment with dietitian Janele Bayless at the Student Wellness Center.

Schedule an appointment at CCS

Schedule an appointment at Student Health

Schedule a Nutrition Coaching appointment at Student Wellness

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