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CCS-COVID 19 Updates

April 1, 2020

Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) is here to support the Ohio State community while the world adjusts to COVID-19. CCS is continuing to provide Mental Health support services to students. The use of technology to facilitate person-to-person interactions has increased our ability to connect with students regardless of location. Students are encouraged to continue reaching out to CCS even if not in the Central Ohio area. Please follow the "For Students" link below for ongoing and expanded service options.

CCS acknowledges the impact on Ohio State students related to Coronavirus and recognizes that it is typical to experience anxiety, worry, or fear. Please utilize the resources below.


For students

For international and APIDA students

For faculty and staff


Updated Services for week of March 30, 2020


Moving Through COVID-19 Together - We are all adapting to a new reality associated with COVID-19.  CCS has created a virtual workshop to share ways for us all to move through these times.  Please join CCS and other students to come together to discuss staying informed, practicing wellness, and coping with times of uncertainty. #BuckeyeStrong


Let’s Talk - program provides drop-in informal mental health consultations on a first-come, first served basis. This service is now available via Zoom or by phone. It’s FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


Staying Safe at Home Far Away from HomeMany of our international students would be able to tell us how it feels like to be worried about their loved ones in their home country while letting their loved ones know not to be too worried about them living in the US during this pandemic. Additional stressors also include: xenophobia, racism, isolation/loneliness, managing online classes, immigration status concerns. Representatives from Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service and Office of International Affairs will discuss ways how international students can manage stress during this period.