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Graduate Groups

*Group I - THURSDAYS 1:00 pm (begins 9/14)
Group II - FRIDAYS, 1:00 pm (begins TBD)
Group III - WEDNESDAYS, 2:00 pm (begins 9/6)

Group I - Faciliated by Alice Chi & Tim Graham;Group II - Facilitated by Chiaothong Yong ;Group III - Facilitated by Barb Urbanczyk 

Location: Group I - Lincoln Tower, 10th Floor; Group II & III - Younkin Sucess Center, 4th Floor

The grad groups meet to discuss issues that impact graduate students' happiness and effectiveness. The focus of the group is to promote a wellness perspective in all areas of graduate life. Relationship, academic, family, social and personal conflicts and strengths will be discussed. The goal of the group is to optimize personal and academic success by promoting self-awareness and connection to others.

Please call 614.292.5766, speak with your counselor or email: Alice for Group I, Chiaothong for GROUP II, & Barb for GROUP III