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  • Journeys to Eating Disorder Recovery Journeys to Eating Disorder Recovery

Journeys to Eating Disorder Recovery

FRIDAYS, 1:30-3:00 pm  Starting TBD

Facilitated by Samantha Tortora & Troy Becker
Location: Younkin Success Center

Working toward recovery from an eating disorder, and maintaining one’s recovery, can often feel like a journey. This therapy group is intended to help students who are on this journey by providing a safe, supportive environment in which to talk about themes important for recovery. This includes understanding how nourishment, body respect and body image, self-esteem, confidence, emotions, relationships, authenticity, and managing distress connect to, and affect, one’s relationship with food and movement. Connecting with others in the group can be a powerful part of change and healing. The group includes a semi-structured combination of skill building, facilitated activities, and open discussion. The group is confidential and meets weekly throughout each semester.

If you are interested in the group, and are not a current CCS client, please start by scheduling a CCS initial phone screening appointment:

You can also speak with your current CCS therapist about a referral to the group. Should you have any questions, please email Samantha for more information.