Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Student Life University Housing

Embedded Clinician

Michael Lute, Psy.D.


Connect with your embedded therapist by completing a phone screening and expressing a preference to work with the embedded therapist in Student Life's University Houisng. 

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with Dr. Lute and can email him directly. For urgent consultation, call CCS directly at 614-292-5766 and request a call back from the first available clinician. Find additional resources about supporting students, visit our faculty and staff page.

RA Consultation Signup

Sign up for RA Consultations here.

Responsibilities as an RA can be demanding and stressful.  Even when your RA work is going well, other areas of life can be hard to manage as well.  This resource was created with you in mind.  Dr. Lute offers a special edition of “Let’s Talk” just for RAs.  During these consultations you can discuss concerns, solve problems, or just talk about whatever you would like to, including issues related to your role as an RA as well as concerns unrelated to being a RA.   All conversations are confidential unless there is an immediate risk of harm to self or others. If you need urgent or immediate assistance, click here.“