Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Mental Health Navigators

Who are the Mental Health Navigators? 

The Mental Health Navigators are an organization of students and staff at Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service who are passionate about mental health outreach and contributing to the Culture of Care on Ohio State’s campus.

Mental Health Navigator participants can make a real impact on campus, and with their fellow Buckeyes. The primary goals are to decrease mental health stigma and increase proactive mental health routines for all Buckeyes.

Become a Mental Health Navigator  

Want to take a more active role in providing direct outreach to students on campus? Apply to become a Mental Health Navigator and join us at various events to raise awareness. MHNs meet biweekly to:

  • Learn more about mental health resources and campus outreach efforts 
  • Provide feedback and brainstorm ways to support and engage with the Buckeye community 
  • Explore future leadership opportunities 
  • Create and develop outreach events that they are passionate about

The opportunity to apply will be available a few times each year and those selected will assist in a variety of outreach efforts and build important skills. In the meantime, for more information email Kaylee Enscoe, Senior Staff Therapist and Program Coordinator.