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  • Jennifer Smith, Psy.D. Jennifer Smith, Psy.D.

Jennifer Smith, Psy.D.

I am embedded in the College of Dentistry, College of Nursing and College of Public Health.

Therapeutic Style:

I have a psychodynamic and interpersonal approach to my therapeutic work, meaning that I emphasize the impact of past and present relational experiences on the way we view the world and interact with others (patterns). I also bring a multicultural focus to my work, in that I pay attention to an individual's context and background and the impact of their multiple identities on their presenting concerns and worldview. I consider myself an integrative therapist that uses interventions to best meet the needs of my clients and these are informed by: Psychodynamic and Interpersonal Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Time-Limited Dynamic Therapy and Mindfulness.

Supervision Style: 

My supervision is style is developmental, as I seek to understanding the strengths and growth edges of the trainee and work towards competence and more autonomous practice over the course of our work together. My supervision tends to be more process oriented and interpersonal, where I emphasize the importance of our (supervisor and supervisee) relationship and establishing trust and openness. Providing support and guidance as well as having a collaborative stance represent some of the most important aspects of being a supervisor, in my eyes. I try to be deliberate about providing feedback and checking-in on the trainee's needs in an ongoing way.

Professional Interests: 

My professional interests include group psychotherapy, relationship and family of origin issues, LGBTQIA issues, identity concerns, diversity issues, supervision and training, and struggles with anxiety and depression.

Groups and Liaison Roles:

I am an Embedded CCS Psychologist and will be working primarily in the Colleges of Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, and Public Health.

Education background:

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH and my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL.

Personal Interests:

I'm an avid fantasy football player and enjoy watching sports, being outside, and working out. Other interests include: yoga, movies, and music. I am trying to learn to play the guitar and I just moved to Columbus recently (and am loving it).

My Pronouns: