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  • Kim Dubose, MSW Kim Dubose, MSW

Kim Dubose, MSW, LSW

Therapeutic Style:

I have a psychodynamic and relational approach. My theoretical orientation informs myself and by extension my clients (by way of shared knowledge and insight gained via the therapeutic experience and my transparent use of self) in respectfully acknowledging how family of origin and developmental experiences shape individuals in many ways, and in recognizing how these experiences don’t tell the entire story of who they are or can become.  Relationships are spaces that we create with each other. It is in relationship with each other that we grow and discover who we are and that holds true whether the space(s) that we create occurs in the individual therapy or the group therapy modality. 

I am integrative and use interventions that serve the best interest of my clients.  In the past year, my interventions have been informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), specifically how to take committed action in living according to one’s values. In addition, my interventions are informed by DBT, mindfulness, and Brief Dynamic Therapy.

Professional Interests:

My professional interests include working with clients who present with concerns related to anxiety, adjustment and mood disorders, trauma, relationship issues, sexual identity, sexual orientation and acculturation. In addition, I am interested in working with first generation college students, students with refugee backgrounds, military veterans, women of color with eating and body image concerns and students of color and their minority identity development—all while exploring clients’ presenting issues and concerns through an intrapsychic lens as well as a systemic, social justice lens. 

Groups and Liaison Roles:

I will be co-facilitating a process group, Understanding Self and Others

Educational Background:

I received my Master’s degree in social work from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Personal Interests:

Outside of reading that is related to my profession I mostly enjoy things that take me out of the here and now to the then and there and the possible and approaching; that is, reading and watching science fiction and fantasy. I also enjoy playing chess, sketching and writing. I enjoyed racquetball quite a lot years ago and hope to get back to it soon.  

My Pronouns:  

She, her, hers