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  • Kipp Pietrantonio Ph.D. Kipp Pietrantonio Ph.D.

Kipp Pietrantonio, Ph.D

Therapeutic Style:

My therapeutic style is student centered and strength based. I believe strongly in cultural competence in therapy. I take great care to get to know students and understand how their worldview and background contributes to their mental wellness. In terms of scientific perspective, I emphasize the importance of Common Factors Theory as well as Empirically Supported Treatments. Finding a balance and maintaining flexibility between these theoretical lenses is essential in creating therapeutic change from my purview. I believe utilizing the strengths of each theoretical perspective is important in making psychotherapy effective. I utilize Person Centered and Humanistic techniques to build relationships with the students I work with. In terms of creating change, I tend to lean toward Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Interpersonal Processing Therapy.

Supervision Style:

Within our training program I serve multiple roles. I am currently the co-chair of our Social Justice and Inclusion Committee where I help facilitate multicultural training for our staff and trainees. I also serve as our Practicum Coordinator as part of our Training Committee. This involves facilitating training of practicum students specifically in helping them develop a specialization in college mental health.

My supervision style is built upon a multiculturally infused developmental model. I believe in getting to know my supervisee and discussing how our cultural backgrounds impact our relationship with each other and the clients we serve. Along with this, I take great pride in advocating for and supporting my supervisees in terms of meeting their developmental goals. I think a particular strength I bring to supervision is helping supervisees gain a better understanding of their theoretical perspective including understanding the strengths and limitations we carry with our worldviews

I am a believer in providing direct and practical feedback to my trainees.  In terms of what the supervision time looks like, I attempt to help clinicians deepen and broaden their understanding of psychological practice while further developing their understanding of their reactions to clients. I also hope to help developing clinicians better understand the “trajectory” of their interventions (i.e. where they want the client to go in the therapeutic process) and help them make these interventions more effective.

I also put a strong emphasis on helping clinicians develop their professional identity. I enjoy helping trainees further their professional development around involvement in outreach, professional organizations, and advocacy work. Due to my own history in APA governance and advocacy, I strongly believe in promotion of psychological work that leads to scientific truth and greater social equality. Helping trainees develop their own professional identity in terms of this type of work is something I greatly value.

Professional Interests:

My professional interests primarily revolve training of mental health professionals, social justice advocacy,  men’s mental health issues, and the study of the psychological effects of economic inequality. In terms of specialized populations I work with this includes undergraduate and graduate men, those who have been economically marginalized, people of color, and LGBTIQ/ Queer identified individuals. In addition, I have specialized training in working with Major Depression, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, Simple and Complex Trauma, Bereavement, and Phobias.

Groups and Liaison Roles:

I facilitate the two Buckeye Brothers Undergraduate Men's Group, head the OSU Movemeber Men's Mental Health Campaign, serve within the Men’s Wellness Network, and am the liaison to the College of Engineering. 

Education background:

I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and am a proud “Yooper.” I attended Grand Valley State University where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology. I was then accepted at the University of North Dakota where I received a Master’s in Community Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.  I completed my Doctoral Internship at the University of California, Santa Cruz - Counseling and Psychological Services and my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Michigan – Counseling and Psychological Services.

Personal Interests:

My personal interests include Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Game of Thrones, Ender’s Game Series, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Matrix Film Series). I also enjoy video games, film, traveling, hiking, four wheeling, fishing, lifting weights, running, and listening to podcasts.

My Pronouns: