Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Consultation and Assessment Team

The Consultation and Assessment Team (CAT) is an informal consultation team that reports to the Vice President for Student Life. Permanent members include representation from the Ohio State Police, ADA Coordinator’s office, Office of Legal Affairs and the following units within the Office of Student Life: Counseling and Consultation Service, Student Advocacy Center and Student Conduct.

Consultation meetings are held at the request of Ohio State faculty, staff or students who are concerned about the behavior of a student that is potentially dangerous to others or presents a significant disruption.

The charge of the CAT team is to:

  • Assess situations involving students who pose a potential risk of harm to persons or property in the university community or of substantial disruption of university activities.
  • Consult with individuals involved in or impacted by the student’s behavior.
  • Recommend university responses to situations involving violent, threatening or significantly disruptive students.
  • Make recommendations to the Senior Vice President for Student Life on an appropriate course of action regarding a student who poses a potential risk of harm consistent with university rules and policies.

The team will recommend actions to help manage the situation accounting for community safety, individual student rights and the preservation of the campus learning, living and working environment. CAT considerations include the potential for violence, strategies to contain disruption, resources available to assist the student in addressing core concerns, assisting others impacted by their behavior and accommodation that may be required by law and setting appropriate behavioral boundaries within existing policies and procedures.


Micky M. Sharma, PsyD, 614-292-5766
Director, Counseling and Consultation Service

Kelly B. Smith, 614-292-0748
Director, Student Conduct