Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience

  • There are many resources on campus to support you! There are many resources on campus to support you!

On-campus Resources

Other facilities that offer individual therapy with a fee to both students and community residents:


Additional resources available to OSU students:


  • Wellness Coaching is a free service that supports college students by enhancing mental health through empowering conversations about strengths and goals.  *Note that this is not mental health treatment, but rather a service that supports mental wellness. 

Academic Issues:

  • Walter E. Dennis Learning Center free, confidential, one-on-one appointments. Trained in learning and motivation strategies, Learning Specialists work with Ohio State students to examine academic strengths and weaknesses, and explore strategies that lead to success in college
  • Student Advocacy can help advocate for you with other entities on campus, mediate with your professors, help you determine whether or not you need to withdraw from classes, etc.
  • Office of Disability Services can help you determine if you are eligible for disability services depending on your functional limitations in the academic setting

Financial Services:

Legal Services: 

  • Student Legal Services provides legal advice, representation, education, and resources to eligible Ohio State students regarding the legal issues students typically face including off-campus housing, criminal misdemeanors, traffic citations, dissolution, consumer, credit/debt, estate planning, notary, victim’s assistance, and much more. 

Health Information: