Office of Student Life

International Students

Your time at The Ohio State University as an international student can be challenging! While it is normal to feel sad, worried, or lonely at times, additional assistance might be needed if you are experiencing these feelings for a prolonged period of time. We have a page with comprehensive information about different types of concerns and resources.

What can counseling and consultation help?

We all experience difficulties in life at various points. At Counseling and Consultation Service, we provide short-term counseling and consultation services to help students develop skills to respond to challenges and to thrive during their time at The Ohio State University.

How do I start?

Based on the situation you want to address; use one of these appointments to start:

  1. Let’s Talk Appointment: Ask questions and get advice about stress, adjusting to Ohio State, well-being, improving academic performance, or mental health. Confidential, problem-solving conversations with a professional available Monday through Friday.
  2. Phone Screening: Complete a 20-minute screening over the phone and receive a professional recommendation for treatment, resources, and support for improving life as an Ohio State student.
  3. Immediate Assistance: If you believe this is an issue involving yours or others safety, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. If you need assistance that does NOT involve safety concerns, you can call our office at 614-292-5766 during business hours or choose 2 for after-hours services.

Will my information be shared with others on campus or immigration offices?

In most cases, we will keep information confidential as it is required by state and federal regulation. However, there are some limitations to confidentiality:

  • Any information related to abuse of minors, vulnerable adults, and animals.
  • Immediate threat of harm to yourself or others.

This information will be reported to proper authorities. The counselor you speak with will address these limitations with you during your consultation and answer questions you have about what is or is not confidential. We are here to support you.

Am I in crisis? Is this an emergency? 

At times, international students may feel hopeless with academic challenges and fear disappointment or becoming a burden. Students may experience financial worries, loneliness, racism, or discrimination. These are some of the pressures that can impact well-being. If you notice significant changes in sleep, appetite, hygiene, or class attendance, you should reach out. If you are having serious thoughts of suicide or making plans to harm yourself or others, this is an emergency. There are professionals that can help you solve these problems and help you build confidence and a sense of belonging. If this is you, read about ways to cope or seek immediate assistance.  

What can I expect after phone screening?

The clinician you speak with will make a clinical recommendation after assessing the information you provide during the call. The recommendation might include but not limited to: connecting to resources on campus (i.e. CCS workshop series, Student Health Services, Dennis Learning Center, Wellness Coaching etc.), group counseling, individual counseling (with a CCS counselor or a counselor in the community), or higher level of care for intensive support. Following your phone screening, a follow up email will be sent to you to provide information about the next steps and recommended resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take medication? What if I am not sure about taking medication?

There are many ways to approach mental health concern, and medication can be one of the methods to address the symptoms. If medication is recommended by your provider, please ask questions about the reason for the recommendation. If you are not sure, having a conversation with your provider about your concerns or questions will help you gain more information before deciding.

I am worried about some friends of mine. Can I call for them?

The best way to connect your friends with services is to encourage them to talk to a counselor on their own. To ensure confidentiality, we will not be able to schedule appointments or verify appointment information for others. Please read additional information about supporting a friend or loved one.

Will I be charged for services? Will my family know that I am receiving services through CCS?

All primary services at CCS are provided with no additional fees. Some exceptions may include psychological assessments and medication prescriptions. You will NOT receive any bills or insurance statements from our office.

Will counseling impact my grades?

Counseling and consultation services can be helpful to address mental barriers when it comes to your academic performance. Although we do not guarantee a positive change in academic performance, many students have reported their performance has improved since they started meeting with a provider and addressing their mental health concerns.

Is following treatment recommendations mandatory?

No. Treatment recommendations are made based on information provided by students during their appointment. We recommend that you discuss all possible options with your counselor or doctor if you have any questions, so you are comfortable and informed with the recommendations. Following treatment recommendations is suggested to improve the conditions you want to resolve, but it is NOT mandatory.