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The Ohio State University has one of the largest student populations on one campus in the United States. Information regarding Ohio State’s diverse enrollment can be found at the Office of Enrollment Services Analysis and Reporting. Underrepresented groups are seen as clients in slightly greater numbers at CCS than are reflected in the campus population enrollment statistics for most groups.

The Ohio State campus is located in central Columbus, the capital city of Ohio. With a metropolitan area of approximately 2,000,000, Columbus is geographically situated in the heart of Ohio. Social, cultural and recreational opportunities exist to suit every taste: classical music to country, gourmet dining to "down home cooking," football to marathon racing, ballet to progressive art, and ethnic festivals to a huge state agricultural fair. Another attractive aspect of the Columbus community is the reasonable cost of living for a city of its size and the relative ease of travel by car within the metropolitan area.

*“Psychologists are recognized as Health Service Providers if they are duly trained and experienced in the delivery of preventive, assessment, diagnostic and therapeutic intervention services relative to the psychological and physical health of consumers based on: 1) having completed scientific and professional training resulting in a doctoral degree in psychology; 2) having completed an internship and supervised experience in health care settings; and 3) having been licensed as psychologists at the independent practice level” (APA,1996; APA, 2011). The Counseling and Consultation Service at Ohio State University adheres to the principals of the Health Service Psychology Education Collaborative (APA 2013). For more information, please see