Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Student Health Services

Embedded Care Manager

Morgan Blumenfeld, LPCC


Students will be referred to the embedded care manager from their Wilce SHS provider for further assessment and/or referral to campus and community resources when appropriate. Ask your provider during your next appointment at Wilce SHS for resources for mental health treatment. For urgent needs, students should call CCS directly at 614-292-5766 (select option 2 after hours to connect with the therapist on call). 

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with Morgan Blumenfeld for comorbid medical and mental health concerns. For urgent consultation, call CCS directly at 614-292-5766 and request a call back to discuss these concerns further. Find additional resources about supporting students by visiting our faculty and staff page.

Additional Resources 

Primary Care and Mental Health at Student Life's Student Health Services