Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Let's Talk Consultations

Let’s Talk provides drop-in, informal mental health consultations on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s FREE and CONFIDENTIAL and open to all currently registered Ohio State students. It's a great option for students who may not need traditional counseling, but who could benefit from one-on-one support and consultation. You may select one of the counselors listed below, or you can select the first available time.


What to Expect

  • One-on-one, 15 to 20-minute informal consultations with staff from Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS)
  • Same day appointments available, sign-ups are required
  • No paperwork is needed ahead of time (minimal demographic information will be gathered for the purpose of tracking our delivery of service).
  • New insight and solutions to your problems and information about other resources on and off campus

The clinicians below are available for Let's Talk sessions:

  • Chelsea Arnold, LPCC-S
    Senior Staff Therapist
    Specializing in coping, anxiety, relational health, linkage to community resources.
  • Mary DeCenzo, LISW-S, ACTRP-C
    Embedded Clinician in the Fisher College of Business
    Advanced, Certified Trauma and Resiliency Practitioner also specializing in general and social anxiety, depression, stress management and support for those who identify as first generation college students.

  • Jacob Friedman, MSW, LSW
    Senior Staff Therapist
    Specializing in self-care and coping strategies, as well as campus resources.
  • Ven Palmieri, Ph.D.
    Embedded Clinician in the College of Public Health
    Specializing in support for LGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, sexual wellness, and political anxiety.
  • Sarah Peters, Psy.D.
    Senior Staff Therapist
    Specializing in anxiety & LGBTQ+ concerns.

  • Schaad, Psy.D
    Embedded Clinical Counselor at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in Wooster
    Specializations include LGBTQ identified persons, trauma, students with disabilities,  and interpersonal issues.
  • Claire Simon, MSW, LISW-S
    Embedded Clinician in the OSU College of Nursing

  • Martha Wessell, MSW, LISW-S
    Embedded Clinician in Residence Life
    Specializing in mindfulness-based stress reduction and building mind-body-spirit wellness skills.
  • David Wirt, M.S.Ed., LPCC-S
    Embedded Clinical Counselor at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
    STAR Behavioral Health Provider Registered to provide military sensitive therapy services.
  • Let’s Talk is an informal consultation only. Let’s Talk is not counseling.
  • Let’s Talk conversations are not part of students’ releasable records.
  • Although Let's Talk consultants are mental health professionals, Let's Talk consultations do not constitute mental health treatment.
  • Limits to confidentiality - When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, Let's Talk counselors are required by law to report this. When a minor, elderly person, or someone otherwise incapacitated is being abused, Let's Talk consultants are also required by law to report this.
  • If your Let's Talk consultant assesses that you could benefit from a higher level of care, every effort will be made to refer you to other appropriate resources at the university and surrounding community

This program is partly modeled on the "Let's Talk" program at Cornell University. We are indebted to our colleagues there for the name and idea; some of the material on their website has been duplicated here with permission. Special thanks to Cornell University CAPS, for sharing their expertise and experience.