Office of Student Life

Psych Bytes Podcast

Psych Bytes is presented by The Ohio State University, Office of Student Life Counseling and Consultation Service. We provide a wide range of information pertaining to mental health topics, commonly asked questions, available resources, and general psycho-education that centers on the college demographic. The aim is to reduce stigma around mental health, reduce barriers to treatment, normalize experiences, and educate on prevention, intervention, and resources related to emotional and mental wellbeing.

It is important to note that this podcast is not a substitute for therapy. All the topics on this show, while discussed by professionals are strictly psycho educational, and meant to inform listeners on available resources, skills and support. Topics on this show can be sensitive in nature.

The topics addressed are tailored to the experiences of college students. Episodes will explore social and cultural dynamics associated with mental health and well-being. Psych Bytes also demystifies strategies for addressing common concerns and will highlight resources that students may access for additional support or treatment.


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