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Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) is a department within the Office of Student Life, with a mission of providing counseling and mental health services to The Ohio State University Campus. The CCS staff is a diverse group, which includes psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapist, and administrative staff. The 2023-2024 training cohort consists of 1 psychiatric resident, 5 post-internship clinical fellows, 5 psychology interns, 2 social work interns, 3 clinical counseling interns, and 2 psychology practicum students. (The search process for the counseling practicum students and social work 1 internships occur in the Fall.) All of our people in training are considered an integral part of the staff and are included in all functions of the agency.

The CCS staff employs an energetic, innovative, and multicultural group of people who sustain the high level of activity necessary to meet the demands of a large university. Clinical service and training are given high priorities, with room for staff members to pursue projects of particular interest to them. Administration of the center is facilitated by the Leadership Team (Director, Associate and Assistant Directors, and Office Associate). The administrative climate is collaborative in nature and staff members have opportunities to be involved in program planning. Psychotherapy and supervision training at CCS is enhanced by digital recording capabilities installed in each intern's private office and in senior staff clinician offices.

CCS is housed in two locations on Ohio State's Columbus campus. In 2016, CCS expanded to a second location on the 10th floor of Lincoln Tower in addition to the original location at the Younkin Success Center (YSC). YSC was designed to provide a variety of offices to support students' success at The Ohio State University. The other offices comprising the Success Center are: 1) Career Counseling and Support Services Office (a career counseling unit serving all enrolled Ohio State students, including career resources in the Younkin Media Resource Center); 2) Student-Athlete Support Service office (SASSO); 3) University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT); 4) Walter E. Dennis Learning Center, which includes an academic learning lab; and 5) Buckeye Careers (a career initiative with the goal of supporting students in obtaining internship and other professional opportunities).

Psychology intern offices are located at the Younkin Success Center site.


Updated 9-20-2023