Office of Student Life

College of Arts and Sciences

Embedded Clinicians 

Christina Szuch, MSW, LISW-S 

Brandon Millspaugh, Ph.D. 

Beverly Owusu, MPH, MSW, LSW


Connect with your embedded therapist by completing a phone screening and expressing a preference to work with the embedded therapist in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students can also reach out the embedded therapists with any questions they may have or to request referral to other resources or services. 

Faculty and Staff 

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consult with ChristinaBrandon, and Beverly, and can email them directly. For urgent consultation, call CCS directly at 614-292-5766 and request a call back from the first available clinician. Find additional resources about supporting students, visit our faculty and staff page. 

Creative Wellness 

Did you know that creativity is one of the Ten Dimensions of Wellness? Journaling is already a popular form of mindfulness used in maintaining mental health. If journaling just isn’t your thing, have you considered exploring how other forms of creative writing such as poems, short stories, and even lyrics could help with emotional awareness and healthy expression? We recognize that sometimes the most difficult part about starting a healthy habit is finding the time in the midst of classes, student org meetings, study sessions, and hanging out with friends. If you’re interested in setting aside a moment to relax and write, join Christina Szuch, MSW, LISW in a weekly creative writing drop-in workshop, where attendees can share the positive impact of creativity on their wellness, read examples of works related to mental health, and engage in their own writing by either responding to prompts or working on something of their choice. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to attend. No prior creative writing experience is required, and there’s no pressure to end up with a completed work at the end— the goal is simply to spend time writing! 

Avoiding Burnout Workshop 

Your time as a student in the College of Arts and Sciences can be demanding, full of academic, extra-curricular, athletic, personal, social, and family commitments.  Not to mention, the unique challenges faced by graduate students within ASC.  This can lead one to feeling burnt out.  Avoiding Burnout is an hour-long outreach program that examines the causes of burnout, how to identify the symptoms, and offers both short-term and long-term strategies for avoiding burnout, and can be geared toward both undergraduate or graduate students in ASC.  To request Avoiding Burnout, or with any questions, click here.  

Let’s Talk, ASC 

What is, “Let’s Talk ASC”?  

Let’s Talk ASC, provides drop-in, informal mental health consultations on a first-come, first-served basis. It is provided confidentially, with no fees to all currently registered College of Arts and Sciences students. This service is a great option for students who want to learn more about counseling services or those who could just benefit from a problem-solving consultation.  

During Fall Semester 2022, “Let’s Talk” sessions are available via CarmenZoom, Monday through Friday. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes. Sign up for a session

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