Office of Student Life

Distance Learners

Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) seeks to ensure all Buckeyes have access to getting connected to a therapist or other resources for well-being that best fits their needs. Whether you are attending class online in Ohio or out of state, CCS can connect you with a mental health professional in your area. Listed below are some of the resources available to fully remote Ohio State students.

Inside Ohio: 

Community Provider Database

For online students located inside Ohio, the Community Provider Database is a great tool to use to locate providers in your area.  Using the features on the database, you can narrow down the search to the provider that fits your needs.  

Student Health Insurance

Need health care coverage? The Student Health Insurance Plan may be a good fit for you. Many providers in and around the Columbus area accept Ohio State Student Health Insurance. More information on the insurance plan can be found here:

Outside Ohio:

Help finding a counselor

Counselors at CCS remain available to assist students that are located outside of Ohio. While we are not able to offer ongoing therapy, we are able to connect students with a therapist located in their area. Simply schedule a phone screening to discuss your needs. 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is an online database that help locate a therapist within your area. Through this website you can view therapist profiles, contact therapists, and check to see if your insurance is accepted.

Health Insurance is an excellent place to start if you do not currently have health insurance or are looking for a plan that is tailored to your needs. Not all plans cover mental health treatment in the same way, so it is a good idea to research the best plan for your needs. 

For distance learners anywhere:

On-Demand Services available virtually