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Self Help

There are many ways to find support, information and strategies to support your mental health. If you are looking for steps to take on your own, we recommend starting with the Ohio State App, available for download for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, visit the “Support” tab at the bottom of the screen to explore common concerns and recommendations for each.

For each concern, the app provides options for things to do on your own and options for seeking professional help, along with related articles with in-depth information and suggested goals for reaching optimum mental health.

If additional resources are needed, please consider attending some of our on-demand services to find additional strategies for managing your mental health and well-being. If you experience significant changes in mood or feel as though you may require further assistance, please contact Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) at 614-292-5766 or schedule an appointment with a CCS counselor.

Emotional Fitness: Tips and skills for mental health

If you are experiencing a crisis or have an urgent concern, please seek immediate assistance.