Office of Student Life

Academic Advisors

Guide for Advisors 

As an Advisor, you are busy and attend to many students. Knowing when and where to refer students for supportive mental and emotional wellbeing resources allows you to focus on academic advising. This guide will help tailor your referrals. Please reach out to consult with a clinician at Counseling and Consultation Service with questions or concerns. To do so, simply call 614-292-5766 and request a call back from a clinician.    

Developmental and Mild Concerns

Students who are meeting their goals and doing well in general may still mention stress or challenges. Isolated events may occur that get the student off track. Examples of this may be problems with test anxiety, time management, sense of belonging, navigating interpersonal relationships, or establishing a routine for self-care. They may have ideas around a solution but do not have the tools to get there. For example, a student may indicate awareness that poor sleep hygiene is impacting their energy levels or that they did well in high school but are finding it difficult to prepare for exams in college.  In these cases, there are several primary support and education resources available. In these cases, respond empathetically and validate the stressors, then discuss what is available.  

We recommend starting with these resources:  

Moderate and Ongoing 

When students struggle, and it is having an impact on their academics or relationship with you, this indicates a referral to a professional. Students may or may not speak to mental health concerns directly. They may mention feeling overwhelmed, burned out, “stuck”, or no longer confident in their abilities. Respond empathetically and be direct with your advice to the student to seek help, then discuss what is available. Additional help supports the student in meeting their goals. It is OK to follow up with students to ask if they have reached out for support.  

Urgent or Emergency 

When a student expresses thoughts of harm to self or others, significant deterioration in functioning, or shares something disturbing, seek immediate assistance.