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Drop in Workshops

We offer a number of FREE drop-in-when-you-are-able workshops. No registration is necessary, no prior appointment is needed. These workshops are open to all enrolled OSU students. except where noted.

Fall 2017

Monday Psychiatry Workshop (begins 9/25)

**Please note, our workshop is being conducted by staff of The Ohio State University Counseling and Consultation Service. It is facilitated with the understanding that the facilitators and CCS are not engaged in rendering psychological services. If expert assistance is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought. This workshop is not a psychotherapy treatment group. In addition, this workshop may not address all personal concerns. If you experience significant changes in mood or feel that you may require further assistance, please contact Counseling and Consultation Service at (614) 292-5766. In case of an emergency, please contact your nearest emergency service. If you experience significant distress at the time of this workshop, please notify the presenter