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How to Refer to CCS

How do I make a referral to the Counseling and Consultation Service?

In most cases, it is best for students to schedule their own online phone screening appointment. Please see attached link for our online phone screening registration: However, if the situation is a little more urgent, please do have the student call our office at 614-292-5766.

If you are particularly concerned about a student, you may encourage them to use your office phone to schedule while they are still with you. In more urgent situations, we make every attempt to meet with the student the same day.

How much can CCS tell me about the student I referred?

Faculty and staff are often concerned about what happens to students after they refer them to CCS. This certainly is an understandable, caring reaction. However, CCS staff adheres to legal and professional confidentiality parameters. This means that:

  • We are only able to share information, including appointment attendance, with signed permission from the student
  • We cannot discuss specifics of the student’s situation or treatment recommendations
  • We can answer general questions regarding the referral process or mental health concerns 
  • We can offer consultation regarding how to approach a student with your concerns
  • We can take information form you about a student with whom you are concerned

Can I schedule for the student?

No. The student will need to contact our office of his/her own free will. If you are speaking with a student and would like to contact our office with the student present, we will still need to speak directly to the student.

What should I do after I've referred the student out?

  1. Follow Up.  It is often helpful to arrange a time to follow up with the student after you make a referral.  This helps communicate your concern and interest.
  2. Maintain.  Continue to maintain clear and consistent boundaries and expectations with the student in your staff or faculty role.