Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


All groups are being facilitated via Zoom at this time. Please schedule a phone screening to discuss what group may be right for you.


Group is a natural extension of the way we live our daily lives. We all have experienced groups as members of families, social networks, classes, co-curricular activities, work groups, religious organizations, and others. While all these experiences may not always be optimal, group work provides a venue for learning those things about your style that could use some tweaking.  It also empowers group members to give and receive feedback and support as they experiment with new affirming ways of being. Trained facilitators will help guide this process.

To watch group facilitators talk about their groups either click on individual group pages or watch them all on our YouTube channel


Numerous groups are offered through Counseling and Consultation Service that address student concerns in a variety of areas.  Some of the groups are population and/or issue specific, while other groups consist of skill building and experiential learning.  The needs of the students determine the types and numbers of groups available. These groups are free and open to all university enrolled students. A SCREENING IS TYPICALLY REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. Most groups are 90 minutes long and they consist of 5 to 8 members.  Please see our group listing for a current list of all offerings.

Also, check out our drop-in workshops, which are weekly, free, and open to all students; no screening necessary, low committment.

  • For more information please contact a co-facilitator via email. 



  • "Group is just a safe place for me to come every week to unwind and get my mind straight."
  • "The group gives me a good start going into the weekend."
  • "I like coming here to see everyone."
  • "I like getting the support from people I really feel know me and what I am dealing with."
  • "This group for me has been better then a lot of AA meetings because everyone is closer to my age and lives in the same environment."
  • "It is just nice to be in an environment where other people are struggling with similar things."
  • "Group has helped me a lot and I enjoy coming to group."
  • "I feel more comfortable in a group with others my age."
  • "I feel group has helped me to work on some things and get my head on straight."
  • "I always thought that group counseling is like what you see on T.V., all cold and calculated, but my group experience at CCS has felt warm and collaborative and also fun."
  • "I would definitely choose group counseling in the future to help me through a problem."