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Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service is delighted to showcase the benefits of mindful play. We love this time of year and the chance to spend time with students and remind everyone to take a break, play, and relax. Typically celebrated during periods of National and World Mental Health Awareness, the mission of RECESS is to join with others in our Buckeye community to offer activities aimed at education about mental health, stigma reduction and wellness.

Why play? And why play for adults? Play can create a positive state of mind and pleasant emotions, which can foster great things like creativity, innovation, mental flexibility, empathy, social connections, a sense of belonging, stress relief and resilience. Take time away and explore your play style. It’s still ok to have fun! 

This year, RECESS will take place October 11 from 11am to 3pm on the South Oval.

 To host a table or volunteer for RECESS, please contact Kaylee Enscoe.

I Spy A Buckeye Challenge

RECESS continues all month long. I Spy a Buckeye is a scavenger hunt packed with nature, wellness, play and safe social connection. You may also learn something new about yourself along the way. 

Follow CCS at @OSUCCS on Twitter and tag them in photos as you enjoy any of the following activities or locations. Visit the CCS website to learn more about other ways to improve your mental health and wellness through play.

Buckeye Grove - 1900 College Rd N, Columbus, OH 43210

Activity - Journaling

A place known by many Buckeyes, Buckeye Grove can provide a peaceful place to start a journaling practice. Try visual journaling, or even jot down thoughts or feelings into your phone. Read more and get inspired by different ways to make journaling work for you.

Columbus Park of Roses - 3901 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214

Activity - Yoga

As the seasons change, the roses may not always be in bloom, but this outdoor space is still a great spot to try yoga. Integrating a yoga practice has been known to reduce stress hormone levels in the body, increase mental clarity and the mind-body-connection. Read more about the science behind yoga.

Glen Echo Park - 510 Cliffside Dr, Columbus, OH 43202

Activity – Create Art

Visit this hidden gem just north of campus and check out the mural under the Indianola bridge. If you’re inspired to make your own art, you’ll be actively engaging in self-care and reducing your stress levels, Read more about how art reduces stress.

Bicentennial Park/Scioto Mile - 233 S Civic Center Dr, Columbus, OH 43215

Activity – Collaging

Take in the views from the bridge, snap a picture at the landmark deer and, as you walk on the trail, gather some leaves to work into a collage. Trying something new, like collaging, can “connect us to parts of ourselves we haven’t connected to in a long time—or ever before.” Read more about collaging to practice self-care.

Clinton-Como Park – 301 W. Pacemont Rd. Columbus, OH 43202 

Activity – Exercise and Movement

Just north of campus is a great location for outdoor exercise. Adding some sort of movement to your day can enhance energy and mood regulation and deepen relaxation. Read more about how to integrate exercise in your routine.

Chadwick Arboretum - 152 Howlett Hall 2021, Fyffe Rd, Columbus, OH 43210

Activity – Mindful Walking

Visit this favorite Ohio State spot and try some mindful walking to connect with the present moment at the labyrinth. Read more about how you can practice mindful walking anywhere.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – 1777 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43203

Activity - Mindfulness

Here you can practice a mindfulness grounding technique inspired by all the sights, sounds and textures that can be found at the park. Learn how to practice the coping skill “54321”.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park – 400 W Whittier St, Columbus, OH 43215

Activity – Play

Add some play to your day! Climb trees (or rock walls), work through an obstacle course, blow bubbles or play hopscotch. Look for ways to take a break, play and relax, both indoors and outdoors. Get inspired about different ways to play.

Topiary Park – 480 E Town St, Columbus, OH 43215

Activity – Care for a Plant

So, you may not be able to sculpt a topiary like the ones found at Topiary Park. However, tending to and taking care of indoor plants can reduce stress and anxiety levels; it can also be a great motivator for self-care. Read more about the mental (and physical) benefits of taking care and growing indoor houseplants. 

Highbanks Metro Park – 9466 Columbus Pike, Lewis Center, OH

Activity - Hike

Northwest of Columbus, Highbanks is a place to visit if you need to get out of the city and connect to nature. Studies show that time spent in nature reduces symptoms of depression. Read more about how hiking can be a great emotion regulator.