Office of Student Life

Joshua Bailey, MEd, LPCC-S

Therapeutic Style:

I like to compare treatment with me to that of being on a ship. A ship where you are the captain and I am a compass. You set the course each time we meet and I point in directions that may help you reach your goals. It is important to me that my clients have full control of their treatment because who better to advocate for what you need than you? I employ a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment, focusing on a person’s thoughts and beliefs about themselves, their situations and their surroundings. In exploring how one views their world we can often discover how it influences behaviors and decision making. I often utilize techniques from Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectal Behavior Therapy and a healthy dose of motivational interviewing in my treatment of individuals.

Supervision Style: 

When supervising somebody I strive to not only be a supportive resource but also to provide challenges and that help one develop clinical autonomy and technique.  I like to learn about what my supervisee’s passions and motivations are and then develop their skills from there. I believe that when you are excited about what you are doing and the population you are serving, the clients benefit the most. If one is not sure where their passion lies, I really enjoy helping them define it through varied experiences and challenges.

Professional Interests:

I have an extensive background in treating clients who struggle with addiction and dual diagnosis disorders and find service to these individuals especially rewarding. I also enjoy learning about new and developing treatment modalities and seeing how they align with my personal skills set. I think it’s nice to have choices when presented with problems and I try to keep my toolbox stocked up.

Groups and Liaison Roles:


Educational Background:

I completed my undergraduate degree at Eastern Kentucky University where I received my bachelor’s in psychology. From there I completed my master’s in counseling and human development through Lindsey Wilson College. I have been working in the field since 2009 and have been licensed since 2012.

Personal Interests:

I have a wide range of interests that do not necessarily go together traditionally. I am an avid gamer of both console and tabletop varieties. I enjoy painting miniatures, reading comics and just dig superheroes in general. When I am not nerding out, I enjoy the outdoors and spending time in backcountry locations camping, hiking and practicing bushcraft. Watching football is also favorite pastime and I root for the Cincinnati Bengals along with The Ohio State Buckeyes. All of these things are best enjoyed with my family and close friends.

My Pronouns: