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Self Help

OSU Counseling and Consultation Service is able to see students on an urgent basis during most hours of the business day from 9-5pm. You can reach us at (614) 292-5766.

Often crises occur for students when our center is closed. Columbus is fortunate to have several other 24-hour crisis services available by phone.

These services include NetCare Access (614) 276-2273 and OSU Hospital Emergency Department (614) 293-8333. These are excellent resources to utilize for students and concerned others.


If you are not currently in crisis, but in search of self help information, please check out the topics listed here.  Let us know if you have a concern that is not listed here.  Email us and we can send you additional resources and add a page to help others.

This website is designed to provide accurate information regarding self help resources for mental health.  If expert assistance is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought. This website is not psychotherapy treatment.  If you experience significant changes in mood or feel as though you may require further assistance, please contact Counseling and Consultation Service at 614-292-5766. In case of an emergency, please contact your nearest emergency service. 

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  • One of our staff psychiatrist, R. Ryan Patel, D.O., FAPA, writes on happiness, success, and brain health for college and beyond, incluiding practical ideas from emerging evidence.  Bite size happiness in one page or less. 

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This page includes recommendations from our staff for books, videos, and other media that has helped them as well as their clients.   The staff recommendations page also includes our Book of the Month feature.