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Facts about Cannabis/Marijuana?

Common symptoms of long term marijuana use:

  • Depressed feelings and lack of motivation.
  • Study or work can be affected by the reduction in motivation, concentration, short-term memory and information processing
  • Reduction in attention, concentration, short-term memory, motor performance and impaired perception of time.
  • Significant reduction in energy, drive, and motivation can negatively impact functioning in relationships and social settings.
  • Increased risk of respiratory diseases, including acute and chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and cancers of the mouth, throat and upper respiratory tract.
  • In some vulnerable individuals a short-term cannabis-induced psychosis can occur, producing confusion, amnesia, delusions, hallucinations, anxiety, agitation and elevated mood. This can be extremely dangerous.

Is cannabis addictive?

Frequent users can develop both a physical and psychological dependence. This results in an increased amount of cannabis being used to 'feel normal'. The anxiety, agitation and depression often caused by heavy use of cannabis are managed by increasing the frequency and amount used.

Take a closer look at your use: A free, confidential, self-assessment

What services does CCS offer to individual students who want to look into their cannabis/marijuana use?

Individual therapy and group therapy are offered for students struggling with marijuana use. Research has shown that group therapy is particularly helpful for substance use problems. CCS offers a harm reduction-based group called Success Not Excess that meets every Friday. If you are interested in this group, please call 614-292-5766.

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