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  • What is a Learning Disorder?  And how can I get help for it? What is a Learning Disorder? And how can I get help for it?

Learning Disorders (LD)

What is a Learning Disorder (LD)?

  • Persistent difficulties learning and using skills in reading, writing, or math beginning during school-age years
  • Performance in specific academic areas is lower than would be expected
  • Some symptoms include:
    • Inaccurate or slow word reading
    • Difficulty comprehending what is read
    • Inaccurate spelling
    • Inaccurate grammar
    • Math calculation difficulties

 What if I want to be tested for a LD?

Testing is necessary for the diagnosis of a learning disability. Qualified professionals use several types of procedures and assessments in testing for LDs, like gathering an individual’s developmental and social history, including input from others, such as family, friends, partners, and instructors, and formal written and/or computerized assessments. Testing is likely to take some time and financial investment but can be worth it if you have been struggling with symptoms that are affecting your performance in school and other areas of your life. 

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