Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience


A statement from CCS Director of Training:

Welcome to the CCS training site.  I want to thank you for taking an interest in one of our training programs.  I know you are in the midst of an important journey and you are looking for a training experience that matches your academic, professional, and personal needs.  If I can help in your decision-making process, please contact me at  

Thanks again, and I wish you the best in your journey.

Mark Sampson, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Director of Training

Mission Statement

Mission:  To promote the well-being and academic success of students through access to diverse mental health services and outreach, while providing a multidisciplinary training program.

Vision: A center where all served feel welcomed, respected, safe, and helped. A center where students are assisted in reaching their full capacity to learn, love, work, connect, and give as responsible citizens of the world.

To influence the University community through support, advocacy and education/training, as a nurturing environment that: 

  • Respects diversity.
  • Enhances the academic quality of life.
  • Supports emotional, relational and intellectual development of the students served and the mental health professionals trained.


  • Integrity - Active and consistent commitment to ethical behavior, honesty, and principle.
  • Wellness - Promoting resilience and optimal well-being through intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal, physical and emotional healing.
  • Mutual Respect - Recognizing the worth of individuals and their uniqueness, treating others with honor and esteem, and expanding the appreciation of multiple world views and global perspectives.
  • Empowerment - Encouraging students to make meaning in their lives, pursue growth, overcome barriers, and enhance academic and personal success.
  • A Life of Learning - Integrating evolving knowledge into practice through training, mentoring, and continuing education for ourselves and those we serve.
  • Collaboration - Creating positive working relationships and open dialogue with others.
  • Advocacy - Active support based on student needs to eliminate harm and break down barriers to academic success
  • Quality Care - Ongoing commitment to excellence in all we do.

Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) is a department within the Office of Student Life, with a mission of providing counseling and mental health services to The Ohio State University Campus. To see individual staff profiles and to learn more about the diversity of our multidisciplinary staff, please visit our staff page.

Participants in all CCS's training programs are considered an integral part of the staff and are included in all functions of the agency. The mission of the CCS training program is to help trainees develop as clinicians in order for students to receive the highest quality care. The CCS staff employs an energetic, innovative, and multicultural group of people who sustain the high level of activity necessary to meet the demands of a large university. Clinical service and training are given high priorities with room for staff members to pursue projects of particular interest to them. Administration of the center is inclusive, giving all staff members the opportunity to be involved in planning and decision-making.

CCS has two locations with offices on the 4th floor of the Younkin Success Center and the 10th floor of Lincoln Tower. The Younkin Success Center was designed to provide a variety of offices to support students' success at The Ohio State University. The other offices comprising the Success Center are: 1) Career Counseling and Support Services (a centralized career counseling office and a Career Resource Center); 2) the Student-Athlete Support Services office (SASSO); 3) the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (an educational teaching and learning support office); 4) the Walter E. Dennis Learning Center, which includes a state of the art academic learning lab; and 5) Buckeye Careers (a career initiative with the goal of supporting students in obtaining internship and other professional opportunities). The first 10 floors of Lincoln Tower house Student Life administrative offices while a residence hall comprise of the 11th through 16th floors.