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Psychology Practicum

Thank you for your interest in our Psychology Practicum at Counseling and Consulation Service! Practicum is an integral part of your graduate school experience, and we are deeply dedicated to the training of developing psychologists. Please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more about applying to our program.

Kristen Swope, Psy.D.
Staff Psychologist, Practicum Coordinator

Overview of the Psychology Practicum Program

The psychology practicum’s primary emphasis is the provision of supervised clinical interventions. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who are seeking supervised training in clinical work with college students with diverse concerns from multicultural backgrounds. Practicum students will also receive training in clinical case consultation, various psychotherapy techniques and approaches, case management, and multicultural issues in therapy. The Psychology Practicum Program at CCS meets the requirements for doctoral training hours that count toward licensure in the State of Ohio.

What Will You Get from the Program?

  • Experiences providing therapy for college students with diverse concerns from multicultural backgrounds
  • Experiences in working within an interdisciplinary team
  • Exposure to various psychotherapy approaches and techniques (e.g., interpersonal, psychodynamic, person centered, CBT, mindfulness-based approaches)
  • Training in case management, clinical consultation and coordination of care with other providers and/or campus partners
  • Emphasis on increasing awareness of intersecting identities in both clinical work and professional development

Length of the Practicum

The practicum experience at CCS lasts for the entire academic year August – May. 

Example Weekly Schedule

  • ~5 individual clients scheduled weekly (more or less in consultation with supervisors; dependent on developmental trajectory)
  • 2 hours of weekly supervision: one hour of individual supervision by a licensed psychologist and 1 hour group supervision/case conference with the practicum coordinator (licensed psychologist). Spring semester you will also receive 1 hour of additional individual supervision with a doctoral psychology intern.
  • 1 outreach presentation per semester
  • Up to 1 hour of triage and/or Urgent coverage during the second semester
  • 1.5 hours of group therapy + 0.5 hours of supervision (optional, based on availability)
  • Additional time for clinical administration as needed
  • Crisis hours may be offered depending on trainee experience and availability

Total: 12-16 hours per week 

Additional Training Information

  • Training at CCS is enhanced by digital recording capabilities installed in each clinician’s office.
  • Training and experience in telemental health based on university requirements
  • Practicum students will be given a common office to work together and learn from one another.
  • Practicum students may switch supervisors at the end of the semesters, providing exposure to a variety of supervision experiences
  • Practicum students have access to staff-wide professional development seminars multiple times per year.
  • The CCS practicum experience is more therapy (as opposed to assessment) based; however, practicum students may have the opportunity to administer clinically-driven assessments (i.e. BDI, BAI, PLC-5, EAT, SRS, etc.), as our formal assessment batteries are facilitated by staff and psychology interns.

Our center also offers subcommittees that practicum students have the option to join as the year progresses, including:

  • Outreach Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Clinical Services Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Eating Concerns Consultation Team


  • Enrollment in a Ph.D. or Psy.D program in Clinical, Counseling, or School Psychology
  • Completion of a minimum of two semesters of recent, supervised counseling, clinical, or school practica prior to acceptance
  • Current good standing within your academic program

Application Process

  • Application deadlines differ for each academic program. Please consult with your program or Dr. Swope regarding application deadlines (which are typically in February).
  • Interested candidates, please submit the following materials:
    • Letter of interest addressing your interest in the practicum, your training goals for the practicum, and your long-term professional goals
    • Updated resume or vitae
    • Transcript (can be unofficial)
    • Letter of good standing from your home academic program


  • Qualified candidates will be invited to interview in March (unless this is already arranged with your program)
  • Interviews may be conducted in person or via Zoom
  • In addition, if you would like to visit our site or talk to current practicum students this can be arranged by communicating with the practicum coordinator, Kristen Swope, Psy.D.

Good Fit

  • Students who are a “good fit” for our practicum program are those who display interest in training/supervision from varied perspectives and worldviews, cultural humility and openness, creativity, and a commitment to growth as a clinician. Prospective practicum students should also demonstrate a willingness for self-reflection and being challenged within a supportive environment.

Send your application and direct your questions to:

Kristen Swope, Psy.D.
Practicum Coordinator
Counseling and Consultation Service
Office of Student Life
4th Floor, Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201-2333
Telephone: 614-292-5766
Fax: 614-688-3440 

Counseling and Consultation Service is a department within the Office of Student Life. The Ohio State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. Qualified women, minorities, veterans, disabled veterans and those with differing abilities are encouraged to apply.

Updated 7-24-2023