Office of Student Life

Lauren Pierce, B.S., CT


Therapeutic Style:

I believe there is power in a therapeutic relationship built on trust and authenticity and am committed to creating a warm and inclusive space for clients to explore themselves and navigate challenges. I understand that we do not live in a vacuum –our identities, interpersonal relationships, systems, communities, and policies impact us in meaningful ways that deserve acknowledgement and care. I take a collaborative client-centered approach and use feminist, multicultural, ACT, and polyvagal theories to guide my work.

Professional Interests:

My professional interests include working with students experiencing anxiety around transitioning to college; working with pregnant clients and expecting/new parents; family of origin concerns and trauma; interpersonal and relationship concerns.

Groups and Liaison Roles:

I co-facilitate the Facing Our Fears group for students struggling with patterns of obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, body-focused repetitive behaviors (hair pulling or skin picking), and certain phobias.

Educational Background:

I completed my undergraduate education at Ohio State University with a degree in Public Health. I completed my graduate degree at Ohio State University with a Master of Public Health. I am currently a counseling student in Ohio State University’s Counselor Education program.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy cooking meals based on what sparks my creativity at the farmers market; doing yoga, cycling, tennis, and hiking; playing double solitaire; spending time with my loved ones; and making pour over coffee. I love the ocean and would love to learn how to surf someday!

My Pronouns:


This clinician is currently under clinical supervision.  The supervisor of record is Chavonne Gaines, M.Ed., LPCC-S, and their license number is E.2102527-SUPV.