Office of Student Life

Counseling and Consultation Service

Typical Weekly Schedule

Typical Weekly Schedule (may vary week to week)

 ** Clinical Fellows are required to work two evenings per week until 8 p.m.

Administration Weekly Hours

Full Staff                                                                                       1
Agency Committee Meeting (One Semester: Disposition)           1 - 2
Paperwork, Case Management, Tx Planning                               9-10

Clinical Service

Triage / Urgent                                                                              2
Individual Clients                                                                          19
Groups                                                                                          1.5
Workshops/Outreach (Optional)


Individual Supervision                                                                  2
Group Supervision/Case Conference                                          2
Cohort Meeting (group supervision)                                            1
Supervision with Group co-leader                                               .5

Structured Training

Training Seminars (Optional)                                                        2

Approximate Total                                                                      40 hours