Office of Student Life

Black Mental Health

Targeted violence and oppression towards Black people in the United States is centuries old. Counseling and Consultation Service recognizes that our Black student body is affected by historic and ongoing systemic racism, oppression, and marginalization. Simultaneously, we acknowledge the resilience, power, and value of every Black life. CCS stands in solidarity with our Black student population. You Matter.

Black Lives Matter. Therefore, we offer resources for Black Ohio State students whether the need is healing, positive connection, acknowledgment, validation, or simply to enhance your innate aptitude. Here you can find the information regarding CCS clinicians, groups, and workshops tailored for Black students as well as other resources curated for celebrating Black lives. 


Drop-in Community Discussion  

Black counselors from Counseling and Consultation Service are hosting a drop-in, come-as-you-are space centered on the experiences of Black identified students. This Black Student community opportunity supports students in gathering with each other to discuss their experiences at Ohio State as it relates to their mental health. This can be a regular thing! Come be part of the conversation.  

This space will be hosted on the following dates:


  • January 24, 2-3:30p – Hale Hall MLK Lounge
  • February 28 2-3:30p – CBSC Alonso Family Room
  • March 20 2-3:30p – Hale Hall MLK Lounge
  • April 17 2-3:30p – CBSC Alonso Family Room

Please reach out to Peter Oduwole, MS Ed., LPCC-S with questions.

Healing and Connection

Ongoing events of bias and racialized violence in the United States has elicited overwhelming feelings of fear, outrage, and empathy for many of us and our families and loved ones. Not only this, but we are seeing increased momentum towards radical changes as a result of our coming together to support one another in different ways. When we have been able to seek out classmates or friends to check in and process our reactions, our current physically distanced environment poses new challenges for how we support each other.

This space is intended for Black students to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the impact of these events and how you are maintaining your wellbeing, consider requesting a Healing and Connection space. This is simply an opportunity for students to come together, reflect, support, and process through their state of well-being.

Request this Healing Circle for your group or student organization

Counseling Groups

Please schedule a phone screening if you are interested in joining. 

  • You Good Man? - A support/process group for Black people (inclusive of the African diaspora) who are male identified to discuss topics and issues of masculinity and how assumptions and expectations impact Black lived experiences. 
  • BIPOC Grad Group - A supportive space for graduate students who hold minoritized racial identities to gather together to offer each other support, perspective, and occasionally challenge in an effort to help each other navigate life’s stressors. The group is a general process group, meaning that group members are welcome to discuss any topic or experience that they would like, as long as they do so in a genuine and respectful way. Group facilitators honor that connection is a meaningful source of encouragement and healing, and we hope that this group will be a place where members can vulnerably create these meaningful connections.
  • Understanding Self and Others – BIPOC - This is an undergraduate student group specifically for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who seek a safe space to explore their own identities and shared experiences as it relates to their own culturally diverse backgrounds as well as gain a better understanding of how to relate to others in new and healthy ways. 

*Additionally, CCS hosts a number of groups where our facilitators receive ongoing training to be competent to approach care with cultural humility. Please see our full selection

Let’s Talk Drop-In Consultations

Want an informal consultation with a Black counselor from CCS? Sign-up for a time and a counselor can meet with you by Zoom or phone. Currently, Peter Oduwole and Destiny J. Randall are available to speak with you. Please feel free to select one of them when scheduling your session.


CCS recognizes the importance of representation amongst counselors serving students. Please see our Staff Page for a full list of people here to serve you. We work closely with our campus partners at the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Student Life’s Center for Belonging and Social Change to host professionals who have offices closer to you. All staff at CCS receive continuing education focused on cultural competency and humility and you are invited to reach out to any of us for support.

Resources outside of Ohio State University: