Office of Student Life

Valentino Vasy, MD

Therapeutic Style:

My priority is to provide compassionate, safe, and effective psychiatric care consistent with the current evidence-based standards. When working with my patients, I foster an environment where individuals feel heard, valued, and understood. I pay special attention to building a rapport, establishing trust, and preserving humanness in every interaction.

After thorough evaluation and establishing a diagnosis, I collaboratively develop an individualized treatment plan based not only on the presenting symptoms, but also taking into consideration the person’s unique biological, psychological, and social factors. In treatment, I combine pharmacological regimens with elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), supportive therapy, mindfulness, provide psychoeducation, and encourage appropriate lifestyle modifications.

This holistic approach has proven to be the most effective and beneficial in assisting my patients in reaching their goals and achieving optimal levels of well-being and functioning. Abundant scientific evidence also supports the superior outcomes associated with the use of such comprehensive interventions.

Supervision Style:

I create a supportive environment where supervisees feel valued, respected, and encouraged to explore their clinical skills, decision making, and discover personal strengths and weaknesses. I foster open communication, actively listen to concerns, and offer constructive feedback. At the same time, I respect the autonomy and independence of the trainees, and encourage them to develop their own clinical skills and judgment. Importantly, I model professional and ethical conduct myself, demonstrating compassion, honesty, punctuality, and clinical competence in my practice.

Professional Interests:

College mental health

Adolescent and young adult drug use - causes/prevention/treatment



Psychosomatic, alternative and complementary medicine

Gut microbiome and the brain

Research in novel treatments

Continuous learning and education

Groups and Liaison Roles:

I am a member of the following organizations:

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • American Medical Association
  • American College Health Association
  • Neuroscience Education Institute

Educational Background:

I completed my undergraduate degree at Keuka College and attended St. George’s University School of Medicine, where I received my MD degree and graduated with summa cum laude distinction. I had the privilege to complete Psychiatry residency training at the Metropolitan Hospital (New York Medical College) in New York City. At the “Metro” I gained valuable and amazing experiences while serving New York City's diverse patient population in various clinical settings including the psychiatric emergency room, adult and pediatric inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, and addiction medicine. This training equipped me with skills and knowledge to manage a wide range of acute and chronic psychiatric conditions. It also heightened my awareness of the vast array of issues in mental health and their impact not only on suffering individuals but on those around them, in some cases affecting an entire community at large. On the same token, providing appropriate treatment that improves a patient's condition, brings benefits and healing that spread far beyond that single patient. Being part of this ripple effect is a deeply heartwarming and fulfilling life experience and I take great pride in my role working with individuals with mental illness.

In addition to the primary duties associated with residency training, I was also deeply involved in the education and mentorship of medical students and participated in clinical research.

I am board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Personal Interests:

Nature, movies, arts/museums, Philosophy, DIY, meditation, martial arts, cooking, and intermittent fasting.

My Pronouns: