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Every November, Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service hosts Movember, an awareness month part of the worldwide Movember campaign that encourages men to grow facial hair in the month of November in order to raise awareness of men’s physical and mental health issues. CCS celebrates the awareness month at Ohio State with a combination of outreach events, activities and partnerships across campus.

Calendar of Events:

Movember Kick-Off

Join us for a tailgate to celebrate Men’s Mental Health. We’ll have hot chocolate, some CCS swag, and an opportunity to connect with other Ohio State students and staff from Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service.

Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov. 1st 11AM-2PM

Location: Ohio Union West Plaza


Virtual Workshop: Mental Health in the Gay & Queer community

Gay, Bisexual, and Trans men may struggle disproportionally with mental health concerns, particularly related to issues surrounding coming out, body image, and finding community, among others. This workshop will address unique stressors that are faced by this community with an opportunity to discuss ways to cope and thrive at OSU.

Date & Time: Wednesdsay, Nov. 9th 4PM-5PM

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Virtual Workshop: Suicide Prevention and Supporting Men

In 2020 suicide was the third leading cause of death for young adults ages 15-24, and in 2021 the suicide rate for men overall continued to rise compared to other demographic groups. Talking about suicide can be very challenging, whether you’re having these thoughts yourself, or you’re concerned that a friend or loved one might be having these thoughts. This 60 minute workshop focuses on how traditional masculinity can complicate talking about suicide, and discusses how we can start having conversations with others about suicide.

Date & Time: Thursday, Nov. 14th  4PM-5PM

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Virtual Workshop: Positive Masculinity

There is more conversation than ever regarding identity and the impacts our identities hold on ourselves and those around us. Masculinity has seen a rise in negative connotation and this workshop is designed to review the positive aspects that masculinity has as well! Hopefully this workshop can serve as a way to start conversations with yourself or the men in your life about the way masculinity is viewed and engaged with moving forward.

Date & Time: Tuesday, Nov. 15th 3PM-4PM

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Catch and Connect

As the semester comes to a close are you hoping to meet more people? Come to the RPAC for an afternoon of relaxation, play, and connection. This will be a space for men to meet and talk in a low stakes environment, throwing a football around, shooting hoops, or just hanging out with one another.

Date & Time: Thursday Nov. 17th 3PM-6PM

Location: RPAC Ground Floor, Tom Davis Gym, Courts 1-2